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Periodic lawn cutting and maintenance is required to keep lawn nice and healthy. Mowing is one of the most common practices performed in lawn care. A high quality lawn has fewer weeds, has greater stress tolerance against moisture and is better looking than those not properly cared for.

Lawn maintenance includes general lawn care, enabling the grass to remain in a state where it is able to stay healthy. A good leaf area is important for the photosynthesis process. Proper lawn care ensures that grass heights must not be so low, and the one-third rule may be followed as a guide – that is, do not cut more than one-third of the grass height when mowing. Lawn mowing service providers will be able to offer general advice on how to improve and maintain lawns including mowing direction.

All equipment used in lawn cutting and maintenance should be in good working condition. Regular service and repair maintenance prior to heavy mowing season will ensure smooth routine processes. Spring season is the best time to sharpen the mower blades. A poorly sharpened mower will cause discoloration to the grass tips which also indicates an unhealthy grass. It is also best to mow when grasses are dry since wet grass is harder to cut and may obstruct mower functions which will also cause damage to the machine.


How often do I need to get my lawns mowed?

The short answer is – probably more often than you want to. Lawn mowing – for most people at least – is not high on the list of fun things to do. Some people, however, find the activity quite relaxing and even meditative at times. Leaving aside issues of motivation, the regularity with which you need to mow your lawn will depend on a few environmental factors.


The season and the climate

Grass grows more quickly in spring and summer and will grow particularly quickly when periods of rain are followed by period of warm sunshine. If you think you have to cut your grass too often now, image what it’s like living in the tropics. Grass will grow fastest when there is plenty of water, light and nutrition available. A warm temperature is best for growth, although if it is too hot it will slow growth.


The type of grass

Grass seed blends are available for different climates. Grasses including Bermuda and St Augustine are suitable for a warmer climate, while grasses such as rye, fescue and bluegrass are suitable for colder climates. Rye and Bermuda are two of the fastest growing grasses.

A General rule of thumb is not really how often to mow but at what height. Aim to keep the grass between 5cm and 7.5cm tall, never cutting more than a third of the overall blade at any one time.


How Much Does Lawn Mowing Cost

If you’ve decided to pay someone else to mow your lawns, how do you know what is a reasonable price? How do you go about getting a quote for grass mowing and garden car services?


Before you get a quote

You will need to know the size of your lawn – or lawns – in square metres before you can get an accurate quote. Square metres is simply the length multiplied by the width of the lawn area in metres. If you’re not sure of the dimensions of your lawn area, a good rule of thumb is that – a metre is roughly the size of a long stride – or a little bit more than a standard door width.


Do I need to be home during the job?

Lawn mowing is largely an independent job. The owner generally does not need to be home while grass mowing occurs. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind if you do not intend to be present.


You must make sure that your lawn care service provider has access to the area that needs to be worked on. If they need to come through your house in order to access the garden, then you must be home during the job. Never give your house key to a stranger.

Sometimes you may have specific garden care requirements, such as delicate plants or equipment on your lawn. If this is the case, you must inform the grass care professional beforehand, especially if you aren’t going to be there.

If you have any pets, make sure that arrangements are made to protect both your gardener and your pet. Never leave anything valuable in the areas that can be accessed, especially if you are not going to be home. If your gardener has access, then so will a thief.

It is not usually required that you are home while your lawn service provider is at work. However, for the safety of any pets and valuables you might have, it would be better to be present if possible.


Do I need to provide any equipment?

A benefit of hiring someone to do your grass care is not having to spend money on equipment. Depending on the services offered, a good lawn company should stock a complete range of lawn care equipment.


If you needed to provide the equipment, what would be the point in hiring someone to handle your lawn care? Equipment will almost always be included in the cost. Any good lawn mowing company will at the very least have basic lawn mowing equipment.

You shouldn’t need to provide any equipment at all. If you need services beyond basic grass mowing, your company should still have the devices required. If the garden care business offers the service, they should have the equipment to perform it. If they do not, it would be advisable to find a company that does.

The only time that you might be required to have your own equipment is for highly specialised purposes. If your garden requires very specific care with specific instruments, you may need to provide this sort of equipment.

Generally, there should be no need to provide equipment to a business that handles your lawn cutting. If you would like specific and specialised equipment to be used on your lawn, you should discuss this with your service provider


Is an inspection required to get a quote?

When it comes to lawn care, there are numerous variables involved. You therefore cannot hope to get an accurate quote over the phone without an inspection. Any good lawn mowing company will offer a free and no-obligation inspection of your property before providing a quote.


Most garden care and grass care companies will be able to indicate a minimum price, or an average price. They are usually unable to tell you exactly how much your grass mowing and other garden care services are going to cost without an inspection.

You may believe that all that is required is mowing the lawns. However, upon inspection, the experts may inform you of some other problems you were unaware of. These could include fertilising, removal of rubbish, block clearing or regular maintenance. An inspection is vital to ensure that the quote is accurate for the amount of work that is required for your lawn.

You do not need to get a quote for an inspection of your lawn. However, an inspection is required for an accurate quote for the lawn care needed. Contact your lawn mowing company and arrange an inspection in order to receive what should be a no-obligation quote.

Gardening services to keep your garden trim ‘n neat

Why spend precious time slaving away in your garden if you can pay someone else to do it? From lawn-mowing to general maintenance, gardening service professionals can keep your garden in tip-top shape.


A lot of us don’t have the time or the inclination to spend hours maintaining our gardens. Of course we want them to look good, but that doesn’t mean we have to work up a sweat keeping them in top condition during our precious time off. No; that’s what garden service professionals are for. Horticulturists, gardeners and maintenance professionals, experts in their chosen fields can come to your house and do whatever needs doing in your garden. Here are just a few of the services gardening professionals can provide.

All garden beds benefit from the careful attention skilled professionals can bestow on them. This might include soil preparation to ensure your plants are as healthy as possible, fertilising to keep them growing strongly, and regular watering where necessary.

There’s nothing worse than a straggly or ill-kept lawn. It lowers the tone of the whole house and garden. Keep your lawns looking at their best with regular mowing, and the garden service professional will also trim the edges to ensure your whole garden achieves that ordered, carefully maintained feel.

Many trees and plants, particularly flowering varieties, require pruning at specific times through the year. This ensures healthy growth and prolific flowering and helps them maintain their attractive shapes. Roses, other shrubs and trees all benefit from pruning, while hedges and topiary-style plants need regular maintenance to stay in shape.

Why should you be on your hands and knees in the garden when you can get someone else to pull out the weeds for you? Weeds can quickly take over a poorly maintained garden, while a weed-free garden bed gives your precious plants a chance to display themselves at their best.

Sweeping, raking, clearing up. It’s the little things that separate a truly well-maintained garden from one that doesn’t quite get there. Good garden service professionals will always clean up after themselves and keep your garden clear of leaves, sticks and general rubbish. They can also remove the green waste from your property and take it to a transfer station, or to landfill.


Lawn weeds are a pain in the green

Lawn weeds are a real pain, and can ruin all that hard work cultivating and nurturing your lawn. But with a bit of knowledge, there are ways to eradicate and even prevent them.


Sadly, having a garden goes hand in hand, with having lawn weeds. These unwanted living entities are generally characterised by their ability to reproduce themselves from seeds or from roots that have been left lying around to take over your beautiful lawn.

Types of lawn weeds fall into two main types. Weeds that have only one leaf are known as monocots. They are generally long and thin, and the leaf ‘veins’ sit parallel to each other. Couch grass and love grass are common monocots that tend to grow in Australian lawns. The other type of lawn weed is the dicot. These have two leaves that are generally fairly broad, are an oval or round shape, and have several ‘veins’ that run off at angles. Dicots that commonly infect lawns include clover, cat’s ear and sorrel.

When trying to control weeds in the lawn, it helps to know a bit about their life cycle. Biennials, for example, flower and produce seed in their second year of life, so they really should be eliminated in their first year to prevent the spread. Perennials are not as easy to control, so both the seed and the root need to be destroyed.

The easiest way to deal with weeds in the lawn is through regular maintenance and care of your lawn. Some basic tips for keeping the weeds at bay include removing weeds by the roots as soon as they spring up, and mowing your lawn regularly to prevent taller weeds from seeding, flowering and spreading. Most garden experts recommend removing weeds by hand or with implements such as a garden fork or Dutch hoe, although this can be hard on the knees and back and take up a considerable amount of time.

If your weed problem is more severe, you may need to consider chemical treatment with a lawn weed killer.

But be careful; total weed killers are extremely strong and can affect the health of your lawn. Selective weed killers only kill the weeds they are designed to kill, but you must still be careful not to let the chemicals drift onto grass or plants that you actually want there. Only apply weed killer on days when there is little to no wind.

Before jumping into the weedicides solution, talk to Sexy Gardens.


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